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Minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity are what it’s all about when it comes to service and repairs for your semi-truck. Wofford Truck Parts knows that the key to maximizing uptime is an outstanding parts department and an unsurpassed inventory of parts to keep you moving.

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Wofford Truck Parts services

Services Provided

  • Custom-Made U-Bolt Bending
  • Custom-Made A/C Hoses
  • Custom-Made Hydraulic Hoses
  • Leaf Spring Rebushing
  • Torque Arm Rebushing
  • Rebuild Fan Clutches 
  • Flywheel Turning 
  • Rebuild Power Take-Off Units 
  • Custom-Made Driveshafts and Reman 
  • Driveline Rebalance 
  • Electrical Cable Manufacturing 
  • Battery Testing 
  • Rebuild of Brake Shoes (specific models only) 

Free Battery Testing

Want to check if your battery is performing its best? Visit any Wofford Truck Parts location near you and bring in your battery for free battery testing and battery recharging on most marine, motorcycle and ATV, heavy-duty, AGM, lawn and garden, and car batteries. Our parts professionals will use a car battery tester to test your battery on or off the truck and help you decide if your car battery needs to be replaced or recharged, or if another part of your charging or starting system may be failing. Preventing battery issues can result in advance can eliminate unplanned downtime and lost revenue. Ask our parts professionals about free battery testing next time you visit us in-store! 

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