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Gabriel Shocks

At Wofford Truck Parts, we're proud to offer Gabriel® shocks, which are known for their top-notch performance in the automotive world. With over 100 years of experience, Gabriel® continues to lead with its advanced shock absorbers and struts. From their original invention in 1907 to today's modern designs, Gabriel® guarantees a smooth and safe ride for all vehicles. Browse our Gabriel shock absorbers and feel the difference in your ride today!

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Commercial Truck and Trailer Shocks

Get ready for excellent performance and durability with Gabriel® FleetLine® shocks. These shocks feature:

  • Consistent damping ability and reduced fade throughout shock life
  • Longer product life with multi-lip piston rod seal
  • Superior structural strength with 360° end mounts
  • Greater tensile strength with cold-formed and arc-welded eye ring end mounts
  • Unparalleled system durability with best-in-class hydraulic extension stop
  • Superior corrosion resistance and extended product life with chromed piston rod
  • Comfort, control, and durability with 10-stage All-Coil Spring Valving
  • Reduced internal wear with D.O.M. tubing
  • Elimination of cab vibration with FleetLine cab shocks

Gabriel Shocks: The Trusted Choice for Heavy-Duty Fleet Operations

Gabriel, an American company, continues to make top-notch heavy-duty shocks and struts for more than 96% of North American vehicles. They keep expanding their products and testing to ensure their parts meet high standards. Unlike imported brands, Gabriel prioritizes quality to meet the needs of small business owners, mechanics, and DIYers across North America. With Gabriel, you can trust every part to deliver the quality and performance you need.

The Original Gabriel Shocks

Trusted by service technicians and DIY enthusiasts across North America.


Anti-Corrosion Coating

Gabriel's anti-corrosion coating prevents rust, stopping bolts from getting stuck in the mounting sleeve, which can decrease the need for replacements.


Durable Piston Seal

Our piston seal is tougher and longer-lasting than our competitors, ensuring reliability every mile.


Chromed Piston Rods

Gabriel's chromed piston rods provide rugged dependability and corrosion resistance to power heavy-duty trucks through the harshest conditions.

How To Identify The Heavy-Duty Shock Absorber You Need

Check out our video guide on how to identify the heavy-duty shock absorber you need. This resource will walk you through the process, ensuring you find the right Gabriel shock for your needs, whether you're a business owner, mechanic, or DIYer.

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