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Atro Engineered Systems

ATRO builds heavy truck parts that will last longer and perform better. Their parts are made with custom polyurethane blends—they are chemically resistant, stronger, and will last longer. They don't just say it, and they stand by their promise with an industry-leading, three-year warranty.

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Atro Torque Rod

All-Makes Torque Rods Made Easy

Our high-quality, longer-lasting torque rods offer a cost-effective solution, eliminating common issues like windup and walkout, ensuring optimal performance and improved ride quality for your trucks.

Atro's Polyurethane suspension parts offer superior durability, chemical resistance, and reduced vibration. Backed by an unrivaled 3-year warranty, they provide long-lasting performance at a competitive price, surpassing traditional rubber products.

  • Identify Center-to-Center length, and Atro has a solution! 
  • Atro's Rotating Bushing greatly reduces inventory
  • 12 Atro part numbers cover the majority of the market
  • Bonded rubber bushings with clocked pins lead to excessive part numbers
  • The rotating pin facilitates easy installation by lining up bolt holes and eliminating windup
  • Industry's only 3-year warranty

ATRO: Engineered for Excellence

Since 1987, ATRO's polyurethane truck parts have set the standard for durability and performance. Astro ensures longevity, reducing downtime and boosting productivity for your fleet. With precision engineering and a commitment to quality, ATRO keeps your fleet on the road and your business moving forward.

Custom Engineered For Success

Our polyurethane truck parts consistently outperform for quality and longevity


Chemically Resistant

ATRO polyurethane parts stand out for their exceptional resistance to oil, grease, salt, and abrasives, surpassing rubber parts in longevity, performance, and safety. Experience a 3-5 times longer lifespan, enhanced performance, and heightened safety with ATRO's advanced polyurethane components.


Customized Formulas

Atro's engineering team customizes polyurethane compounds for optimal performance in each part, including our exclusive high-temperature engine components.


Stronger Material

Polyurethane is tougher than rubber and wears down less due to lower surface friction. With Atro, you'll have a longer life on your Atro trailer and truck parts and less downtime for your fleet.

Experience the quality and reliability of ATRO, the leading provider of polyurethane components for heavy trucks. Astro’s American-made parts surpass rubber alternatives, offering superior durability and longevity. From suspension to bumper-to-bumper solutions, including torque rods and high-temperature underhood/cab parts, ATRO provides excellence with a three-year warranty. They are revolutionizing the heavy truck industry with nationwide distribution and dedicated support. 

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