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U.S. leader in polyurethane parts for heavy trucks and trailers

They build heavy truck parts that will last longer and perform better. ATRO parts are made with custom polyurethane blends—they are chemically resistant, stronger, and will last longer. They don't just say it, they stand by their promise with an industry-leading, three-year warranty. Accomplished engineer George Sturmon founded ATRO in 1987 after realizing that truck torque rods were a quality problem because the rubber bushings were failing. The heavy-duty trucking industry requires equally heavy-duty parts, and George knew he could engineer a better solution. So, he designed a way to replace rubber with his custom blend of polyurethane to make torque rod bushings that last longer and perform better. Today, ATRO has grown to a team of over 100, from a handful of products to over 1,000. Their engineers custom design each of our products based on the part's purpose: load-bearing, dampening, transmission, shock absorption, or stabilization.

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Atro's Polyurethane suspension
Atro Torque Rod

All-Makes Torque Rods Made Easy

Atro's Polyurethane suspension and bushing parts, reduce excessive vibration, chemically and heat resistant, come with an unrivaled industry 3 year warranty and the perfect price point. There's no reason you have to settle for rubber products that are going to last you a fraction of the time.  

  • Identify Center-to-Center length and Atro has a solution! 
  • Atro’s Rotating Bushing greatly reduces inventory
  • 12 Atro part numbers cover the majority of the market
  • Bonded rubber bushings with clocked pins lead to excessive part numbers
  • Rotating pin enables easy installation: Bolt holes line-up & wind-up eliminated
  • Industry’s only 3-year warranty


USA-made quality parts with the industry's best warranty. ATRO parts outperform rubber parts by 3-5 times. With ATRO behind you, drive forward. 

ATRO Parts

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