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Kit Masters

Wofford Truck Parts is your premier destination for top-quality trucking parts at competitive prices. As a trusted distributor of Kit Masters products, we offer a comprehensive selection, including fan clutch rebuild kits, thermoswitches, solenoid valves, belt tensioners, and fan blades. Founded in 1996 by Keith and Darrin Swanson, Kit Masters remains a family-owned business committed to excellence. Guided by principles of superior quality, technical expertise, and exceptional customer service, we ensure that every replacement part exceeds OEM standards.

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Kit Masters Fan Clutch

Kit Masters is committed to being the leading technical expert in fan clutches. While many companies treat aftermarket fan clutch products as just a portion of their offerings, Kit Masters excels in both their products and market. Alongside premium remanufactured fan clutches, Kit Masters provides fan clutch rebuild kits, ensuring your fan clutch can be serviced wherever your travels lead.

Kit Masters: Pioneers of Premium Fan Clutch Solutions

Kit Masters, founded in 1996 by Keith and Darrin Swanson, has evolved from a garage operation to a state-of-the-art 16,000-square-foot facility in Perham, MN. Serving over 1,000 customers globally, they specialize in manufacturing high-quality remanufactured fan clutches, rebuild kits, thermoswitches, solenoid valves, and fan blades for heavy-duty and medium-duty markets.

Your assurance of unbeatable quality

Kit Masters products exceed OEM standards.


Superior Quality Manufacturing

Kit Masters prioritizes quality, ensuring that fan clutches, rebuild kits, and engine fans meet or exceed OEM standards.


Versatile Compatibility

Kit Masters fan clutches offer universal compatibility, making them suitable for various heavy-duty applications.


Advanced Cooling Technology

Kit Masters' fan clutches efficiently regulate engine temperature, promoting optimal cooling and preventing overheating.

Trust Kit Masters

Watch this video and witness Kit Masters dedication to quality and excellence in every product and discover why customers worldwide trust them for heavy-duty aftermarket solutions. 

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