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Donaldson Filtration

Enhance your vehicle's performance and durability with Donaldson Filtration products from Wofford Truck Parts. Since 1915, Donaldson has been a leader in providing top-notch air, coolant, fuel, hydraulic, lube, transmission, and exhaust filters for both on and off-road vehicles. From aerospace to transportation, our comprehensive range of filters caters to diverse industries, ensuring optimal operation in challenging environments. Trust Donaldson Filtration to deliver innovative filtration solutions for your vehicles.

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Donaldson On-Road Trucking

On-Road Trucking

Durable, rugged, and built for the long haul, Donaldson replacement filters are manufactured to the same quality standards as the original.

  • Complete coverage for the most popular engines and models
  • Fuel, air intake, lube, cabin air,  transmission, and coolant filters
  • Donaldson Blue® premium filters – Fuel, air, lube, and coolant
  • Exhaust coverage, including mufflers and accessories
  • Programs and support from large fleets to owner/operators

Why Choose Donaldson Filtration Solutions?

For over 100 years, Donaldson Filtration Solutions pioneered the first air filter for heavy-duty engines. Today, they remain the top choice for equipment manufacturers globally, ensuring that every Donaldson branded product embodies the same level of technology and care.

Find out why Donaldson filters are well-known in the industry for being dependable and efficient. Take a look at our selection of Donaldson filters today and see for yourself why choosing Donaldson filtration is the right choice.

Strengthening operations with reliable filtration

Trust our Donaldson filters to keep your operations safe and secure


Advanced Filtration Technology

Donaldson filters utilize cutting-edge technology to capture contaminants effectively, ensuring superior engine protection and longevity


High-Quality and Cost-Effective Filtration

Donaldson filters offer high-quality construction for reliable and cost-effective filtration solutions. With superior efficiency, they ensure optimal performance and minimal maintenance costs


Innovative Barrier Filtration

A key feature of the Donaldson air filter is its barrier filtration. It prevents contaminants from reaching the engine and improves filtration for excellent engine safety

Watch this video for an overview of Donaldson Company, where they address some of the most complex filtration and contamination control issues globally. Discover how they become one of the leading providers of innovative filtration technologies and top-quality filters and parts worldwide.

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