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Webb Wheel Products

Webb Wheel Products has been the trusted choice of wheel-end customers seeking top-quality products and unmatched customer support for decades. Our unwavering commitment to manufacturing the world's finest brake drums, rotors, calipers, hubs, and spoke wheels is bolstered by continuous product and process improvement efforts. With significant investments in research and development and advanced manufacturing technology, we strive to deliver innovative solutions that offer a genuine competitive advantage to our customers. Through our segmentation into three autonomous business units—Webb Aftermarket, Webb OEM Truck, and Webb OEM Trailer—we tailor our approach to meet the diverse needs of the heavy-duty transportation industry. With coast-to-coast distribution, over 8,000 warehouse distributors, OEM truck and trailer dealers offering our products, reliable customer service, prompt delivery options, and robust financial backing, Webb Wheel Products is a dependable business partner you can rely on today and into the future.

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Wheel End Excellence: Webb's Top-Tier Products

Webb Wheel Products Inc is synonymous with reliability, performance, and durability. We deliver superior products engineered to meet the demands of commercial vehicles.

  • Brake Drums: Precision-engineered brake drums designed for optimal braking performance and durability.
  • Brake Rotors: Premium rotors engineered for exceptional heat dissipation and braking efficiency, providing reliable stopping power in all conditions.
  • Brake Calipers: High-quality calipers crafted to deliver precise brake control and responsiveness for enhanced safety and performance.
  • Spoke Wheels: Durable spoke wheels designed to support heavy loads and withstand the challenges of long-haul transportation.

Hubs: Reliable hubs are built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty applications, ensuring smooth and reliable wheel rotation.

Webb Wheel Products: The Wheel End Experts

With years of experience and a focus on excellence, we have earned a reputation as leaders in the industry, trusted by customers for our knowledge, quality, and reliability. From brake drums to hubs and everything in between, we are dedicated to engineering and delivering products that exceed expectations and keep vehicles rolling smoothly and safely on the road.

Premier Wheel End Solutions

Focusing on precision engineering and durability, our products ensure smooth and safe operation, setting the standard for automotive excellence.


Precision Engineering

Each component is crafted precisely to ensure optimal functionality and reliability in automotive applications.


Durability and Reliability

Webb Wheel Products are built to last from high-quality materials and undergo testing to ensure durability and longevity.


Innovative Design

Our engineers continually explore new technologies and materials to develop cutting-edge products that deliver superior performance and efficiency on the road.

Webb Wheel Products

Through our brand video, discover the innovation and reliability of Webb Wheel Products. Explore how our wheel-end solutions are meticulously engineered to provide superior performance, reliability, and efficiency for commercial vehicles.

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