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At Wofford Truck Parts, we prioritize quality and service above all else, which is why we offer products from manufacturers who meet our standards. We're happy to have ConMet's wheel hubs, plastic parts, and aluminum casting parts in stock. For over 50 years, ConMet has worked with leading vehicle makers, helping create top-notch products for the commercial vehicle industry through design, engineering, and testing. ConMet's wheel hub assemblies, like the patented PreSet® and PreSet Plus® cut down on maintenance expenses and prolong the lifespan of vehicles. Check out our wide range of ConMet products at great prices today.

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Hub Assemblies

ConMet company makes top-quality wheel ends, including standard hubs and patented PreSet® hub assemblies, using advanced technology for accurate bearing adjustment. PreSet technology means their hubs are ready to install without any hassle. Their products include standard ConMet hubs, PreSet®, and PreSet Plus® hub assemblies. Save time and money by choosing PreSet® hub assemblies instead of fixing OEM hubs, making wheel end service easy and affordable.

ConMet: Leading Sustainable Solutions for Fleet Vehicles

For nearly 60 years, ConMet has led the commercial vehicle industry with innovative and sustainable solutions. They've become a trusted provider with 17 global locations and over 150 industry awards. ConMet improves IoT innovation for heavy-duty vehicles. With their deep knowledge of commercial vehicles and support from their wheel-end business, ConMet expanded to offer advanced solutions across the truck and trailer sector, focusing on uptime, safety, and efficiency. They're dedicated to innovation to reduce emissions. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their numerous awards and their focus on sustainability and fostering a collaborative culture.

Enhancing Your Fleet with ConMet

Count on ConMet's innovations to boost your fleet's performance and efficiency.


Top-notch Wheel Hub Technology

ConMet's wheel hub assemblies, like the PreSet® and PreSet Plus®, are designed to cut maintenance costs and extend vehicle lifespan, ensuring reliable performance.


Complete Fleet Management Solutions

ConMet Digital gives practical insights on enhancing fleet uptime, safety, and maintenance. With IoT innovation, ConMet Digital offers fleet management solutions.


Legacy of Innovation

ConMet's pioneering spirit has shaped the commercial vehicle industry. With groundbreaking products like PreSet®, PreSet Plus®, and TruTurn®, ConMet continues to lead in creating lightweight, high-performance solutions for heavy-duty trucks and trailers.

ConMet® PreSet Plus® Trailer Hub Assemblies

Explore the latest wheel end technology with ConMet's PreSet hubs, which have premium wheel seals and bearings. This video highlights the advantages of switching to PreSet hubs for your fleet, such as less downtime, lower labor costs, easier reassembly and installation, reduced liability, and full warranty coverage on all parts.

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